Monday, June 18, 2012

Fly the flag for volunteering around the world! The Video!

Last year Concordia and many of our overseas partners took part in The Flag Tour 2011.

The Idea…. was for a flag to travel around the world visiting many international volunteering projects. For 9 months, from March to November 2011, three flags travelled all around the world visiting 60 projects and events of 33 voluntary organisations involving more than 1600 volunteers. Concordia finished with the flag in November for our big General Assembly that we hosted in Southampton (the flag is now hung up in our office).  The flag raised awareness of volunteering, The Alliance, promoted international volunteer projects and ran alongside the European and International Year of the volunteer 2011.

Concordia was very much involved in the whole process, from the design of the flag, to co-ordinating the flag around the world and making sure it didn’t get too lost (it did disappear a few times and got stuck in customs) but this was all very much part of its journey!!

Finally we managed to put all the pictures and comments into a small film.  Enjoy!