Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Our volunteer Viktoria describes her experience volunteering on one of our UK projects

Viktoria spent 2 weeks over the summer on one of our UK projects Pestalozzi! Read about her experience as an International volunteer in East Sussex.   

I spent this summer (2013), in Pestalozzi Village as a volunteer.

First and foremost, I am entirely glad to have the experience of being part of such a friendly team. I am grateful to all people in Pestalozzi for such a warm welcome and all the care during the project.
There were wonderful volunteers from all around the world: Spain, Italy, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, two coordinators from England and me from Ukraine. We were doing renovation of the education building, constructing the wooden beds, clearing and weeding the field and the rose garden. 

In the evenings we had lots of activities, hilarious games and lots of fun. We all found new friends. The feeling that there are no borders between the countries came to me.

Secondly, I was greatly impressed by the beautiful peculiar nature of the East Sussex area. Smooth curves of the hills, lots of trees and lovely houses in Sedlescombe create very bright picture of the life in Britain. For us, it was not only a work camp, but also a calm place where we could breathe fresh air and could see the sky with stars. So different from the crowded cities! Moreover, we spent our weekends by the seaside in Hastings and had a picnic in historical old Battle.
Thirdly, we were lucky to try British food in all its diversity. Brilliant cooks treated us with delicious food every day: from fish and chips to English breakfasts. I suppose, due to such tasty food all members of the volunteer team were strong enough to work productively. Now I have the recipe of the Sweet and Sour Chicken and can cook it for my family in the Ukraine.
In conclusion, I want to say that I really want to come back to such a nice place. Lots of memories, funny stories in our team make me smile and I dream to visit England again. Thank you very much!

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