Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fly the flag for Volunteering…around the world!

2011 is an important year for volunteering. Not only is it the European Year of volunteering but also the International Year of the volunteer +10. With such a big year ahead of us, Concordia is very excited to be part of a worldwide Alliance Flag Tour campaign promoting and encourage active involvement within civil society.

Two flags will be travelling through 4 continents, 25 countries and hosted by 36 different voluntary organisations to celebrate the valuable contribution the voluntary service has on society, communities and individuals. The participating organisations will take the flag to one of their voluntary projects or an organised event, inviting and informing the local community.

More than 100 staff and volunteers attended the opening ceremony in Armenia on the 4th March. The two flags have now started their journey’s and are on their way to South Korea and Wales. The Flag Tour will finish at the General Assembly 2011 in November in Southampton, United Kingdom hosted by Concordia with a celebration and display of the season’s events.

Be a part of this event! Follow the flag around the world to celebrate this special year of volunteering.


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