Thursday, June 5, 2014

Laura shares her experience as an MTV for Volunteers' Week 2014

Laura shares her experience in a Montessorri Kindergarten in Vienna from Feb-June 2013

 "I spent 5 months living and volunteering in Vienna, Austria in 2013. I worked in a kindergarten for children under 7 years. Although I had a lot of experience working with children beforehand, the experience really broadened my views. I had to quickly adapt my ways and teaching methods to suit Montessorri values. It was hard to take a step back and observe at first, but after a few weeks I was settled in and felt like part of the team. One of my main roles was to speak to the children in English at all times. This one was of the hardest challenges, as the more I learnt German myself, the more I wanted to practice it! At first, the children thought I was very strange, as to them I made no sense! But by the end of the project it was so rewarding to hear them speaking little phrases and responding to questions I asked them in english. I felt so valued to know this was all down to me and my perseverance! We went on regular trips to local parks, museums and even the zoo. This helped me to find my bearings around the city, and the more beautiful tourist attractions. 

I got to learn a new language for the first time, and met people from all over the world. I lived with Italian, German and Spanish students, and later shared a room with a Moldovan girl, whom I am still good friends with.

I am now applying to paid positions abroad, and feel my experience with Concordia and Grenzenlos has enhanced my CV, whilst giving me the courage and confidence to go anywhere in the world! In a few weeks I am off to stay with a friend in Berlin that I met whilst on the project. I spent new year in Wales with a Welsh friend I met in Vienna, and am hoping to re-visit the beautiful city in the autumn (before the snow starts!). Thanks to everyone at Concordia and Grenzenlos for giving me this life changing experience."

Laura 2014

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