Wednesday, September 16, 2015

UK Project in Manjushri

Hello guys,

This is for the curious and those who think about going to Manjushri and get the experience by themselves: I was already there :)

And I can say, it was a wonderful experience for me. There is a wonderful, very beautiful landscape (although you're not allowed to swim in the sea because of quicksand), all around the Castle (!) we slept in were trees you can hardly hug with four people! The castle... was amazing, very beautiful and old. As I danced -because I always dance when I'm happy - the main stairs up and down, I felt like a lady from long ago.
Well, and I had the luck that we was a fantastic team from Concordia, we laughed, talked, played sport games and enjoyed being outside a lot. I felt very comfortable and welcome. We had interesting talks with the monks and nuns in the centre that live a friendly, open and peaceful life, which was sensible in the atmosphere everywhere. There is a 15 minutes meditation each day, where everybody is free to go – I went there most of the time. I didn't know much about meditation before. I enjoyed it and I think it helps me reflecting things and finding my inner peace. An experience I can only recommended anyone to try.

As it was an international volunteer projects, of course we also had to work each day (besides weekends) for 6 hours. But the funny English people are crazy about tea and, at least this Buddhism centre was also crazy about tea breaks. So together with lunch we had so many breaks that we never worked for more than 2 hours at a time, which can be quite a challenge, when you want to paint something. The work was quite diverse: we were painting the toilets, garden work around the temple, hoovering the temple to sanding the Buddhism-statues in an art studio which is situated on the area. I liked doing a little bit of everything, and also there was something for everyone.

All in all it is not a loud party, drinking, go crazy experience. I would say it is more about getting valuable insights in different lives, being in the nature, looking inside yourself, and – a lot – about having fun, to laugh and get to know people from all over the world.

I got a lot of energy from that international volunteer project and my life became a little richer with beautiful memories and knowledge – that’s what I can say about it. Oh, and I loved the food.


UK Volunteer 2015

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