Friday, November 27, 2015

September in Czech Republic

September has been a busy month and has gone by so fast! the first two weeks were full of Czech Language lessons and fun activities with the other volunteers! we went to a summer camp for a few days to do some basic training for our activities, and practice our Country presentations as I would soon find out I will be doing my presentation A LOT! hahah

I made myself at home in a flat which I share with 2 other volunteers who are really nice, I like my room as its cozy and has little messages around it from previous volunteers. for the first few weeks I baked a lot of cakes! and the 8 of us often gathered for movie nights and get togethers :) I also decided to buy myself a cheap second hand bike as I decided I wanted to begin cycling this year and second hand bikes are cheaper here than in England! I went for a few bike rides and managed to end up in Poland by accident as well! we have all been for meals and tried some of the local foods! my favorite is Smažený sýr which is fried cheese! yum!

I began my normal time table after we finished our intensive Czech course (which we continue every Friday now for the rest of our year) I work in Schools 3 times a week helping kids of various ages with their English lessons which I really enjoy as the kids are very friendly. I also help mothers with conversation classes twice a week. Sometimes we help in the art department or the mother care center decorating the youth center. We attended different clubs at the center too such as belly dancing and art clubs :) having a great time so far! bring on the next 11 months!


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