Monday, April 13, 2015

Mongolian Volunteer Project

For my first volunteering project overseas I decided to go with Concordia as they seemed like a good organisation. I was not disappointed in choosing them; from the very beginning, before I even started the project they were on hand to answer any of my questions, which were many. They fully supported me before, during and even after I finished the volunteer project. For the volunteer project itself, I went to Mongolia to help out at the farm at a local orphanage and I have to say it was one of the highlights of my 10 month travel. I made many friends which I still keep in contact with and I felt like I actually did make a difference to the project. The highlight was planning and carrying out an activities day with the kids. I will definitely volunteer again in the future and when I do I will not hesitate to contact Concordia again.

How could this program be improved?
In Mongolia sometimes the weather would be bad which would prevent us from working on the farm, it would be great if contingency plans were created so that volunteers could be productive whatever the weather.

International volunteer 2015 

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