Tuesday, October 27, 2009

After 5 months in Brighton, UK- Summer 2003

…I can really say I love England and English people, of course I don’t like English weather, but lately it is abnormally hot (for English standards) that I can’t even complain about this!

The project I’m doing in Concordia UK office is called MTV (medium term volunteer project). It is a volunteer project to which can apply anybody experienced in social or international volunteering aged from twenty years old. It can take place in every part of the world and its main aims are: to provide a non-formal intercultural learning experience for young people and to support the development of local communities. This project lasts around 6 months and you can choose the field you prefer (environment, arts and culture, activities with children, young people and elderly, disabled and so on). During the project you receive money to cover your basic expenses (food and accommodation), in fact the highest expense you have it’s the travel to reach the destination of your project.

I really enjoyed this experience and I can strongly recommend it to all of you. Living abroad allows you to know deeply your host country and at the same time it offers you the chance to learn a lot about you facing everything on your own in a new environment. After the first disorientation it’s so gratifying to discover you able to arrange all your new ‘life’! Everything here has become so familiar to me that I feel upset when I think I’m going to leave soon. On the other side I’m also happy to come back to Rome, I’m missing my friends and my family. And later I can decide to leave again for a new destination, it’s true, when you start to travel and live abroad you can’t stop!

Best wishes!


Barbara Genca, MTV, UK

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