Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Voices from the South- Summer 2003

I have never done a camp abroad and this year I decided to try my English and carry out a workcamp with Concordia. I was not worried when I arrived in the country, despite the great difference which exists between Africa, or more specifically between Togo and England. Perhaps because I have learned about white people of different nationalities not only through volunteer projects but also through television. I was a bit worried when I arrived on the project to discover I was the only black person there. But after we all arrived and had dinner the atmosphere relaxed a lot.

The project took place in the mountains in the Exmoor National Park, It rained a lot while we were there! What was different was that we did different work throughout the three weeks – in my projects in Togo we usually did a standard type of work. The rangers were very understanding and made sure all the volunteers understood when they were talking. And especially, the solidarity and good feeling

between the volunteers was very strong. I will miss everyone very much and will try to stay in touch after the project.

Akofa Abotsi, Togo

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